What Happens Behind the Scenes?

We will use the latest milestone, Ring “Dance” Celebration as an example. The 2021 Spirit Committee meets monthly to discuss business surrounding upcoming milestones. One of the early steps for each milestone is deciding on the design to use to commemorate it with. In the case of Ring Dance, the actual vote took place soon after the prior milestone, Commitment, was celebrated back in August, 2019.

The 2021 Spirit Committee wanted to do something novel, remember, this was long before the novel coronavirus 19 was even on the map, we unanimously selected a bottle opener. The design was carefully guarded and kept under wraps until shortly before distribution.

As part of the preparation for the milestone, members of the Spirit Committee meet up in Colorado Springs to package the coins in squadron specific packaging. As you might imagine this takes a considerable amount of time as it is really important to check and double check the lists and the names to ensure that each and every eligible cadet, permanent party and USAFA leadership receive the appropriate coin.

In this picture you will see members of the committee, many of whom traveled to Colorado Springs, despite the pandemic, to make sure that the boxes were filled correctly.