Top Ten Thanksgiving Break Tips – #6

The upper class families were generous in their shares, when asked what advice they would give the parents of USAFA Class 2021, about the cadets’ first break. The overall theme was to be flexible . . . no two experiences are the same and most expectations should be left behind.

TIP #6

Food, Food and More Food

There may not be need to expand the kitchen to add more storage space. But there is a need to make sure your house is stocked with all their favorites.

A. Crews suggests “Keep[ing] lots of food around so friends will come to your place.” Knowing those friends my son will want to spend time with most, I did a little re-con work and found out what goodies would get them to my house.  And I am not shy about making sure they know why – I want my DS around me as much as possible!

M. Johnson warns “Imagine your Costco receipt the same as a mortgage in California or NYC. For a big house!” Is it wrong that I have been eating the items, in the freezer, that never seem to make it to the top to save grocery money?

I am not sure if it is the lack of opportunityUSAFA Cadet hugging the fridge to go to the fridge and do the “stand and stare” or the difference in food that creates a love for the food back home, but no matter the reason the stories of a cadet and their fridge (or food) are plentiful.

“Don’t be surprised if they hug the refrigerator.” ~ L. Johns

“Our son went straight for the pantry . . . grabbed a box of cereal, a bowl, the gallon of milk and headed for the couch!” ~ J. Sanchez

While the urge is strong to shoot right out and empty the local market it is always a great Full grocery cart to stock the pantry.idea to double check with our cadets first. “Stock your pantry but ask a few questions before hand, last year his diet and tastes had changed.” ~ M. Erickson

And while you are busy cooking all of your cadet’s favorites make a little extra for them to take back with them, “I cooked all of his favorite meals and baked a ton of stuff for him to bring back.”  ~ R. Watkins. “My DS loaded his car with half my pantry.” ~ S. Cooper

Thank you again for taking the time to read the blog.  Come back tomorrow for “Expectations, Whose Turn Is It Anyways?” (It’s a working title)

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A cute video about a boy and his fridge I found while searching for images . . . enjoy!

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