Top Ten Thanksgiving Break Tips – #5


The upper class families were generous in their shares, when asked what advice they would give the parents of USAFA Class 2021, about the cadets’ first break. The overall theme was to be flexible . . . no two experiences are the same and most expectations should be left behind.

TIP #5

Talking, Sharing, Exchange of Ideas . . .

. . . whatever you want to call it, we all want to feel that the child we left at USAFA will return to us over Thanksgiving Day Break, maybe even a bit more chatty in some cases.  The advice I read does indicate there is a chance the person we are used to will emerge.  But it may take some time, patience and understanding; we need to understand they are processing many things, getting used to being home and how different it is from the academy, and in some cases balancing what they should share to shield us from our natural concern for them.

Take it slow.  “Don’t pry, but provide opportunities to talk,” A. Dyckman suggests.

Make each moment of sharing meaningful and productive. “Write down the important questions you have so you don’t forget, space them out so [your cadet] doesn’t feel bombarded and shut down.” ~ T. Washer

Some talk to you in their free time, and some free their time to talk to you.

And be available so they can share when they are ready.  D. Landwehr shares, “I bit my tongue with a million questions, especially that first year, but after about a day she unloaded. And didn’t stop talking the rest of the weekend! Just know it will be different with each cadet.”


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