Top Ten Thanksgiving Break Tips – #1

The upper class families were generous in their shares, when asked what advice they would give the parents of USAFA Class 2021, about the cadets’ first break. The overall theme was to be flexible . . . no two experiences are the same and most expectations should be left behind.

Tip #1

Just Hand Over . . .

Son with remote watching T.V. with father.

. . . the remote.  When was the last time your cadet’s hand felt the weight of a remote control. Or delighted in the sweet visual and audio treats it commanded?   Yep!  It has been nearly 5 months. So hand it over, sit down and enjoy!

” . . . just hand over the remote! He just wanted to decompress, eat when and what he wanted and talk when he wanted. I loved every minute!!!” says M. Erickson

. . . the car keys. Reports of driving around aimlessly, the need to feel in control, and the freedom to go where they want when they want were plentiful.  So, hand over the keys and let them know you will be home baking, or cooking, their favorite treat.

“Got home from airport, got out of our car, saw his dog, then got his car keys and ‘drove around.’ Wanted quiet, control and space.” says K. Lavery

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