Spring Break is Over – What Next for Our 3rd Class Cadets?

With the conclusion of Spring Break, our Cadets are back at the Academy and hard to work once again – working towards meeting their personal and professional goals for this semester; and preparing for their summer assignments and ultimately, Commitment for the Class of 2021!

Spring Intramurals have begun for those not on athletic teams; and there is one month left until Spring finals begin.  The Colorado Parents Club is once again selling goody bags for our Cadets in anticipation of their final exam week.  If you have never purchased a goody bag for your Cadet (and their roommate(s)), you may want to consider doing this – it’s a nice pick me up for the Cadets and supports the Colorado Parents Club at the same time.

Cadets are anxiously awaiting their summer assignments, as most of the C3C’s will be visiting an Active Duty Air Force base for three weeks this summer to learn about different career fields available to them in the Air Force.  Many times these visits cultivate new passions in our Cadets and those who had not thought about certain Air Force careers are now inspired and motivated in a new, exciting direction.

A final word about Commitment for the Class of 2021 – this date will be here before we (or our Cadets) know it.  It will most likely take place at the beginning of August (date to be released soon).  If you are not familiar with Commitment and the surrounding traditions, please read about this special date for our Cadets on the Spirit Mission home page o.  Please also consider donating to and/or purchasing items from the Spirit Mission page.  All proceeds raised through purchases and donations support the Class of 2021 Cadets.  The special coins that our Cadets will receive on this special day would not be possible without the support and generosity of everyone who is able to make a donation to our Spirit Mission page.  The Spirit Mission designs and pays for the coins and other special memorabilia that makes this (and all of our Cadet’s milestone events) so very special for our Class of 2021. 

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, and thank you in advance to all who are willing to make a donation to support our Cadets!