Recognition - March 10, 2018

Our cadets received recognition March 10, 2018! And now wear the Prop and Wings insignia.

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The fourth-class has successfully met military training requirements. And the upper-class recognizes the fourth-class as prepared to continue the rigorous and rewarding Academy journey.

Recognition consists of several challenging activities including a leadership course, an assault course and “The Run to the Rock.”  And it provides the three upper classes with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Individual squadron ceremonies and a wing-wide celebratory evening meal mark the end of Recognition.


Virtual Toast Photos

Many united to honor the Class of 2021 with a virtual toast. You can view many of the photos through the link above.

"Everyone raise their glasses and celebrate the perseverance and recognition of our cadets on Saturday, March 10th at 6pm PST, Mountain Time 7pm, CST 8pm, Eastern time 9pm. No Doubt, No Fear!" ~ Lynne Pautsch


Honoring Our Cadets

Your Spirit Mission hosted a packaging party at Shots, in Colorado Springs, where more than twelve of the board and local parents gathered for some hard work and fun.

We are thankful for the generosity, time and talent of the following businesses.

162 Tracker Dr #100
Colorado Springs CO 80921
162 Tracker Dr #100 Colorado Springs CO 80921 719.481.3159

USAFA Class of 2021 Recognition Coin

USAFA Class 2021 Recognition Coin


You may join in the celebration with a Recognition Coin Key Chain, just go here to donate $20.00.  Order early, we have limited quantities.

Thank you for your continued support!

USAFA Class of 2021 Spirit Mission