It’s the Final Countdown

Oh Oh Oh Oh, It’s the Final Countdown!

Thanksgiving is behind us, December holidays are ahead…and in between is a jittery time called FINALS. For most of the class of 2021, this will be the first go-around with college finals, so they (and you!) may be a little bit nervous about the upcoming exams.

One of the most difficult positions for a USAFA parent is when you know that your cadet is struggling and you feel as though you cannot do a lot to help. Final exam period may feel like one of those times. You know that your cadet is stressed and exhausted, and you have to simply stand back and let them deal with it.

Actually, you may not be completely helpless. There are a few ways that you can help your cadet a

USAFA Class of 2021 - We Got This - No Doubt, No Fear! Baby on beach with closed fist.

t final exam time.

First, realize final exams do not intimidate many cadets. Some cadets thrive on the challenge, have kept up with classwork all semester, and will take this period in stride.

However, many cadets will find this time stressful – both outstanding students and those who have been struggling. There is a lot of work, and a lot of pressure, for many cadets at exam time.

  • When you talk to your cadet, be encouraging. Let them know that you understand that they are under stress, you’re proud of what they’re doing, and that they will get through this.
  • Share tips about getting through finals. See “10 Little Known Ways to Survive Finals Week.”
  • Send a little bit of encouragement – a card or e-card, text, or a care package.
  • If possible, delay discussing issues from home during this time. Obviously, some issues can’t wait! But otherwise, your cadet needs to be able to stay focused on classwork right now.

The final exam period is a stressful time. By providing understanding, encouragement, and a bit of support from home, you can do a lot to help your student succeed!

~Kelly Lemke

Check back soon for USAFA Parenting 101 Advice from a former Preppie Parent.