WE are WELL on our way to meet our ultimate goal of $100 donations from every family.

A hardy THANK YOU to you ALL.  Without your generosity we would not have met our Recognition and Exemplar Goals, which allows us to start moving forward with putting together commemorative items that will let OUR CADETS know we are surrounding them with our Support, Love and Community.

Another hardy THANK YOU to you ALL. Your generosity not only closed the campaign for the Recognition and Exemplar Milestones, it self-started the campaign for the Commitment Dinner Milestone.

Please note the goal thermometers on the Milestone page. And Please continue to give as you are able and willing.

We still need your help. Your tax-deductible monetary donation is needed to show the cadets our support through this tradition.

Please consider starting with a $100.00 donation towards our Ring Dance Milestone Goal. You may donate by visiting our store.

Thank you again for your generosity.

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USAFA 2021 Spirit Mission


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