The Class of 2021's Commitment Dinner will take place before the start of the academic year in August, 2019.

The commitment dinner tradition was established as a formal ceremony to recognize renewed commitment to the Armed Forces.  Commitment Dinner for the second class takes place at the start of the fall semester. Once the cadets return to the Academy for their second class year, they incur the financial or active duty “commitment” for their education if they depart the Academy prior to graduation. Members of the Legacy Class, the class of 1971, are invited to attend the Commitment dinner to celebrate with the second-class cadets.

This dinner and what it represent is such an important milestone on our cadet's journey.  When the cadets arrived at the Academy the signed an agreement, an Oath of Service, stating that they would:

  • Complete the course of instruction at the Academy, unless disenrolled by the proper authority and
  • Accept an appointment and serve as a commissioned officer in the Air Force for at least eight years after graduation, five of which must be active duty and the remainder can be served as inactive reserve.

The Commitment Dinner is a celebration and recommitment to serve.  It is an honor of passage for the cadets as solidify the path that each has chosen.

Closer to the date we will update this page with the order of events for the evening, and of course raise a virtual toast on the evening.

If you would like to donate to help pay for the costs of the coins and other costs incurred by the 2021 Spirit Mission for this event.