Airport Arrivals & Academy Acquisitions


The upper class families were generous in their shares, when asked what advice they would give the parents of USAFA Class 2021, about the cadets’ first break. The overall theme was to be flexible . . . no two experiences are the same and most expectations should be left behind.

Airport Arrivals

It is an exciting time, welcoming our DD/DS home after nearly five long months. Anticipation is high and the excitement can overwhelm our senses hindering our ability to remember that one thing we want to bring when we pick up our cadet . . . now what was it? Well once again those parents who have traveled down this road ahead of us have shared some great advice.

  • Welcome Home Signs – More than a few parents warned not to forget the welcome signs!  One parent shared that USAFA Cadet Arrival at Airport for Thanksgiving Day Break.they periodically sent their cadet a count down image of the time left before he returned home. And at the airport the sign had all zeros for days, hours and minutes. Cute idea.
  • Friends and Family can make the arrival more meaningful. If you are unsure your cadet will want a crowd, double check with them.
  • Bring civvies for them to change into right away. Many appreciate shedding their Airman Blues as soon as they can.
  • Bring their favorite snacks for the ride home.
  • Early is on time – Be there early, be there waiting and don’t miss seeing them emerge from arrivals. The looks of joy and relief on their faces are ones we do not want to miss.

USAFA Cadet arrival home with signs at an airport.You need not follow all the advice, you know what is best, either way I want to know all about it.  So, please share your reunion story in the comment section.

R. Watkins shared with us, “Oh, I never will forget that moment – watching our son walk down the airport stairs, in a uniform I had never seen him in before, no longer the boy we dropped off in June, but a man!”


Academy Acquisitions

The same can be applied if you are picking your cadet up at the Academy.

Do check when the gates close so you avoid arriving after you can get on campus.

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