21 Days of Treats To Get Your Cadet To Christmas Break

We need to act now if we want our cadets greeted with something special to get them through the days until Christmas Break.

Box of Goodies to Greet Your Cadet

Fill the days between Thanksgiving Day Break and Christmas Break with a little “pick me up” each day.  There are many fun and inexpensive gifts to brighten, or encourage, your cadet’s days thru the time leading to their next break.

You know what your cadet would like best.

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Individually wrapped gifts to get USAFA Cadets through finals time

  • basketball hoop
  • Legos
  • slinky
  • favorite candy
  • favorite hot drink
  • Nerf anything
  • gadgets
  • holiday decorations

Once you have your items, one for each day starting November 27 thru the day they come home, wrap them up.  On each write “Open [date],” and box them up.  Mail as soon as possible so the box will be waiting for them upon their return to the academy.

You could even put a note with each, before wrapping them, to encourage your cadet and give a little smile.  You know what to put.  An example to get you started follows. ” . . . you may even write a note of encouragement, a pun on what you’ve given, and/or a scripture verse for inside each gift. Example: Gift is an Air Freshener – ‘Exam Time Stinks BUT Cadet Laundry Stinks More” – Romans 8:38-39 (even stinky Cadet laundry).

Please share your ideas and photos below in the comments section.

Thank you to all those who shared their experience with this 21 Days of Treats Box with us on the Parent Resource Page, like Lynn Schumacher, Adrian Sutterfield, Susan Ross Wheeler, Lori Kay, Ann Tran and many others.

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