WHAT IS 100th Night?

There was a time when cadets would find out their job assignments at this event. That tradition changed several years ago, and now those assignments are handed out in the Fall of their senior year to allow them more time to prepare for their future assignments.

Now it is common for them to learn their base assignments on 100th Night. It is an opportunity for the first-class cadets to join with the Legacy Class and celebrate 100 days to graduation and commission as second lieutenants. 

Cadets are given liberty that weekend to celebrate their upcoming graduation. It is also the time that 4th degrees decorate the rooms of the seniors while they are away.


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YOUR ROLE: Spirit Mission Success Requires Support


Every parent, grandparent, guardian, supporter has a role to play.  The overarching goal is to raise funds and support the cadet's success during milestones through their 4 year journey.  

With your support, through purchases of commemorative fundraising items or donations, the Spirit Committee pays for the coins that each cadet and USAFA official receives for milestones events.  

We estimate that it costs about $125 to support each cadet in this way.  In addition, we need volunteers to join the various committees,  help staff the desk during Parent's Weekend, and help stuff envelopes and sign cards for each milestone. 

As they say, more hands make light work, and we hope that everyone that has time would find time to help us in some fashion.


Volunteer to help the USAFA 2021 Spirit Mission a success for our cadets!  Please add your name and top three areas you feel most called to assist.  Thank you!

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Living up to their motto, No Doubt, No Fear, the Class of 2021 will accomplish amazing things!  Let us celebrate each and every milestone they accomplish.

And let us show our support through commemorative items to mark each milestone along their four year journey.


USAFA 2021 Spirit Mission is thankful to the contributions of time and talent from these businesses:

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